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Porcelain from the Italian ‘porcellana’ meaning ‘cowrie shell’. Some of the finest, most luxurious porcelain hails from Italy.

Porcelain is part of the larger ceramic family but porcelain tiles are known to be less porous than ceramic tiles and so are generally the denser ones of the family. It is more durable and better placed in heavy usage areas for this reason. If your porcelain was to chip it is far more unlikely to be noticed as the design and colour runs right through the tile as opposed to other ceramics. It is also easier to clean, making it a more hygienic option for kitchens and bathrooms.

For a tile to be declared as porcelain it is judged on water absorption criteria tested under highly controlled conditions. As porcelain has this higher water resistance it can also be used for outdoor paving, unlike its ceramic counterparts. It also gets used in baths, showers and swimming pools due to its water resistance.

Porcelain requires a tiler to possess more skills in cutting which of course is something that W.B. Simpson and Sons can provide. It is often seen as a more premium product due to it having less impurities and the level of skill needed to install it.

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