Cardiff Castle


Site address: Castle Street, Cardiff, CF10 3RB

Date of works: From 1875

Information: The restoration and remodelling of Cardiff Castle began in 1865 by John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute who worked with architect, William Burges.

In Bute Tower, there are tiled pavements and 12 panels which surround a magnificent roof garden (1875). These illustrate incidents in the life of the prophet Elijah, taken from the Book of Kings.

There are wall tiles depicting the zodiac signs and tile pavements for the Summer Smoking Room (1872-1874).

There is a tile pavement in the Chaucer Room (1879-1889).

There is a tile frieze featuring fairy tale figures for the Nursery (1879) and tiles in the Arab Room.

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